Over the past decade, notification badges have become so ubiquitous in web apps that I suspect they’re now deeply embedded in our psyches. The little red notification icon has in a short period used its Pavlovian power to tunnel into and damage our brain chemistry. …

These are some CSS effects I’ve made. Maybe they can inspire you.

The quality of these gifs is very low. I’ll look into how that can be improved.

Tab focus


This has two elements — a background block, which grows from the bottom on mouseover and recedes when the mouse leaves…

TypeScript and React are two of the most industry-relevant skills for junior developers, but I mostly see people choosing one or the other. The fact is, though, that they work perfectly well together, and take little configuration.

What is React?

The past decade has given us a number of important JavaScript libraries that…

Ruby is updated once a year, on Christmas. Two weeks ago, it got one of its most significant updates, going from version 2.7.2 to a big shiny 3.

What’s new in Ruby 3?

Here’s the official release announcement with details. I will attempt to summarize some new features.

• It’s faster

Increasing speed was one of the key…

Mav Tipi

Weakly Pseudonymous Software Engineer

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