Environment setup on a new Mac, Part I

Today I’m setting up a MacBook to be my primary working environment. I thought I’d document what I’m doing, for other junior developers.

1. General System Preferences

i will never sign in

2. Browsers

i was an Opera partisan growing up

3. Xcode

Xcode is the essential Apple IDE. You can’t do much without it; everything depends on it.

4. Homebrew (probably) and zsh

You need a package manager and a shell as much as you need Xcode.

5. Your text editor of choice

You’re unlikely to be coding in Notes, so you’ll want your text editor. It’d be great if you can easily retrieve all your accumulated extensions. I use Visual Studio Code, and a large list of extensions.

6. Git

Git is likely already on your system, but it might not be, so check and make sure.

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