• Akashkinwad


    Ruby on Rails + ReactJs Developer

  • Markus Hanslik

    Markus Hanslik

    writes about web development, starting up, and managing projects and people.

  • Theo Carney

    Theo Carney

    Software Engineer and Chinese Language Nerd

  • Amanda M Johnson

    Amanda M Johnson

    Full Stack Software Engineer | manda.m.johnson@gmail.com

  • Grant Heinrich

    Grant Heinrich

    Making individual contributors more effective through expertship.com.

  • Lulu Battelli

    Lulu Battelli

    Creative Developer

  • Md. Hafizur Rahman

    Md. Hafizur Rahman

  • Anuganti Suresh

    Anuganti Suresh

    Working as Automotive design engineer. Actively looking for change the domain into Data Science. Certified from Simplilearn as “Data Scientist”.

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